Youth Group
  • 1507 Mills Dr
    Columbia, MO 65203

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Youth Group

If you are in 5th-12th grade come to, The Quarry (City of Hope’s Youth Group), which meets at the office (1507 Mills Dr) from 6-8 every Wednesday night. This next generation of youth coming up is filled with passions and desires like the world has never seen before, but like the rest of us they are going through a very important stage of finding ones identity.

How do I fit into this world?
Am I happy?
What does life mean to me?

…And many more questions. At the Quarry we want to teach them the true answers to those questions. To give them the identity God had given them as He was each individual in their mother’s womb. We are all beautiful, we are all unique, and we all have a purpose given to us from God!